Sunday, June 18, 2006

DMZ Transgressions

In the journey from here to there,
In an unscheduled brief stop in the middle of nowhere,
I stare out of the window;
Into what seemed a deep, dark and dead alley,
Where a single street light, incongruously,
shed an eerie glow.
Under the light, a slight shirtless waif,
Sifts for his day’s food in the waste.
I see the boys frown in his wrinkled brows,
Hunger will be his tonight’s friendly foe!
Perhaps, like before, he will survive
Through one more uncaring night.
As I contemplate doing right,
The car starts to roll on by,
My out-of-sight-out-of-mind takes flight
Out of that dark alley.
After a brief pang of conscience and guilt
Of having done nothing to that nameless son,
I will have moved on.
But that child will never make it out of that DMZ,
Never knowing school, never being fed,
Never knowing warmth, never knowing helping-hands
Those that my son takes for granted.
Living in the no-man’s land,
That is the destitute child of an impoverished God.
And worse,
A effin' fodder
to my transient conscience
and to
this futile pretentious verse.


ramesh said...

good one...ramesh

Anonymous said...

Your this poetry is as poignant as all that you have listed in your next post.Good work. C

Anonymous said...

Touching pin-prick - a

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

4Ramesh: Thank you. I actually feel this a lot of times; and I dont feel very good myself!

4Acs: Thanks.

4anon: Tks, but WRU ?

Sanjay M said...

KNR (from our company, MAD member, deeply committed to service) had told me that even writing is a good start as well... it initiates readers to
thought twice... :)

Even Buddha says that thoughts leads to words, words leads to actions - so good thoughts are definitely a good start! Thanks for providing good food for thought.

Sanjay M said...

correction: thought twice => think twice