Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Anyone here know north east corner of Harmony and College ?
Anyone here know about such a corner in Fort Collins ?
Anyone here know what/where is Fort Collins ?

Fort Collins is a sleepy old university town about 80miles north of Denver, at the foothills of the Rockies. With a total population of people equivalent to what you can find in Commercial street in Bangalore during festival times.

The monument (in the picture alongside), that exists in the north east corner of the Harmony and College road in Fort Collins has significant historical importance. If not for the whole world, it does definitely for me. For everyone else, its a gast station, for me its something more...


This was one of the typical new year resolutions that one vows at the start of every new year and by Pongal the resolution goes 'govinda, goinda'. I had unerringly taken this resolution every year. At one time, I had even made it upto தமிழ் new years day. It was a cycle that was repeated nicely and I was in a groove (or rut - but then, thats a point of view). Then, in a flash of brilliance, a colleague of mine and I decided to have that resolve starting that very next week. He did get through, but I followed my usual resolution pattern and broke it within the first 5 days itself.

Then I had to travel to Fort Collins on work. My supply from India lasted the whole week nicely. On that fateful "good" friday my supplies eventually ran out. On way back from work, to replenish it, I had stopped at this monument.

Then at the spur of the moment, I stepped out without buying that pack of Marlboro; I had walked out of that gas station. I had quit smoking. It was 6th Sept 1996.


I am in Fort Collins. Today as I drove with another colleague of mine through that spot, I had pointed that out to him. Then I realized it was Sept 6th, exactly 10 years after.

I recall somone who had asked me what my achievement was (please note the singular inference in their question); Ignoring their hints, I tell them its two of them. One, that I quit smoking. Two..., well its covered elsewhere in the blog as "Black Thursday".

Perhaps, five years from now, I'd still be writing - blogs or otherwise; if that happens, that would be the third; or even learn to play a musical instrument !!

Enough for a lifetime, I guess...

ps: For another day, i'll probably write on test of temptations during the first two weeks, after quitting...


Anonymous said...

Gnu, 10 years, eh?
Be sure to mark 10 years of blogging as well :)
You write well ;)
All the best, you are rocking!


ramesh said...

qutting smoking then and blog addiction now :) great combo!!..way to go..

Anonymous said...

Great writing. An exhilirating way to pass time at an airport. Thanks and keep it up. One day, I want to take some coaching and mentoring from you on creative writing of my own - a dreamthat may or may not be realized.


Anonymous said...

Great! I have heard how difficult it is to stop smoking and even more difficult to maintain the non smoking status!! U r doing both!! Hope you celeberate many more decades of non smoking.

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

4Ash: Yep, 10 years... we are all transiting into twilight; or if you want a positive spin, riding onto the sun-set for a happily ever-after :)

4ramesh: Thanks - i think my first achievement is one way enabled the 2nd one...

4Sekar: Thanks man. I actually was inspired to start a blog by someone who you would know. Its easy, just go for it

4Accs: Thanks. I used to have dreams that I'm smoking - and in the dreams, i'd think 'oh shoot, after 7 (or 8) years...". Strangely the smoking dreams have stopped. So, i think I've really quit.

ww said...

This is cool. So how has it been ? Any more tempations now ?

The Soliloquist said...

read ur sunday story... liked the epilogue...
and thanks for quitting smoking. I once contracted pneumonia, just by extensive passive smoking. There are addictions which can bring ruin to oneself, and the people around. But not all addictions can be such a vice.. So keep blogging :-)

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

4ww: Not tempted any more.

4Sol: On "keep blogging" hope to, inspite of disruptors ! :)

Kalpana said...

If i'd been in your friend's/ex-classmates circle, I'd've commented, "No big deal, compared to how we put up with your rambams!" :) but unfortunately i've to be try and be more PC ?! or Should I??

10 yrs is indeed a long time to keep the temptation off. Now if you had achieved the same result in dealing with your temptations with triglycerides, then you are truly my hero!! ;-).

Remind me to check with you 10 years from now, on if you have taken up my challenge ! :-)

Seriously, good one G! Looking forward to your diary record of the temptations of the first few weeks!

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

4Kalpana: :) Lets see; 10yrs is such a long time. If triglycerides win, i'm sure i'll not be around blogging... Thats a good enough inspiration NOT to let trigly. win

On "test of tempations" sometime, perhaps...