Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dark Sides of the Moon

Dark Side

I had many a simple dream…
...to feel the grass beneath my feet,
And for my dad to lead me across the street
I'd have taken root, me in his finger-hold
Root enough, someday I'd climb a hill
I was looking for warmth in mothers fold
Clinging to her, time I bide,
To end up as a count++ in female foeticide.

The Other side

I too, had many a dream…
But now, to live my life, I walk an uphill mile
I brave upstream to get to a smile
Living on with the half that makes hell mild,
I’m not as fortunate as you were, my child.
I live on, and on and on -
A count++ of suffering woman.

ps: http://www.indiafemalefoeticide.org/
pps: saw an advert that triggered this


DR said...

Good one. Would be good to have this posted in the e-newsletter of indiafemalefoe....., not sure how this can happen :( Just a thought, if you can find an alternate word for statistic in the second part.

Anonymous said...

simple, yet disturbing - ww

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

4dr: Perhaps... Did that too.

4ww: True; thanks.

Imp's Mom said...

Oh wow!

Can I link this post to mine?