Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ghosts !

“Hahahaha” – his close friend had bellowed in laughter – all of the others in the group had joined in.

He had told his friend that he had seen a ghost. The word had gotten around and he was the object of derision amongst his friends and butt of jokes.

“What were you smoking?”
“Were you drunk?”
“That is why you should not fall asleep in middle of your work”
“Does he haunt you while you sleep?”
“I’m sure", sarcastically said another, "its legs were ... …”

So went all the ridicule and laughter. That was several moons ago. Today he had seen “IT” again. He had immediately called out his friends, who silently climbed up far-away trees to look for the demon that he had sworn to have seen. In spite of the disbelief, they just wanted to be sure that they were away from the demon, just in case. Sure, they were scared of the demons that they had heard about only in the stories.

He and his close friend hid behind a tree and set their sights on the solid oak tree that stood at the entrance to their gated community.

He suddenly was aware of rustle of leaves as his friends from atop the trees were fleeing. He heard his friend gasp ! His friend had held on to his hand and was pointing towards their object of attention, that seemed to have a bottle in its hand and weaving in towards them. That’s the last thing he could bear to see. In abject fear, he and his friend fled.

“Look !!! Just like in the stories – look at its feet. Its much unlike us – they are actually touching the ground…”,

he heard his friend say, as they flew back under the stones, where the skeletons lay.


Anonymous said...

Sheesh ! Was I scared or what!!

But this reminds me of something my mom used to say when i was a kid...

"why are u afraid of ghosts??? There is a ghost in all of us..." She used to make scary faces which would make me laugh and forget my fear...

rahul said...

Made me smile as it brought some distant memories from my childhood :)

Anonymous said...

smile :-) Good one - ww

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

4Sol: "Boo!!!"

4Rahul: Thanks. But memories from your childhood - Ghostly one ? :)

4ww: I'm assuming one of these days you will reveal yourself; in any case thanks for coming !!

Kalpana said...

Interesting twist at the end!
Short and sweet.


EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

Kalpana: Thanks. And welcome and please keep visiting again.

Sundaram said...

Well Done !