Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Bore beyond
my eyes
Into my head -
See wires crossed
Neurons lost.
An inchoate mass
of ocean of thoughts
Rise in noisy waves
fall to a still-born end.
Strident voices
In a cacophonous cadence,
Shutdown my senses.
I arch tense;
Body spins -
masking the din.
Past, tense twirls,
quiet unfurls.
Senses rebound
coherent and sound.
Spy deep into my brain -
Beyond turmoil and storm,
In that lucid calm,
I'm all heart...and pain.


The Soliloquist said...

Good one ! Especially the last 4 lines...

Guess all of us are spurred now and then to look inside..

Anand said...

Nice one, but why pain ?
- a

Anonymous said...

Do you have a favourite poet?

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

4Sol: Or be someone else for a while; get onto their shoes or into their head...

4A: No idea, but could be ?

4Anon: Favourite poet ? Me ? :) Kidding, look at my profile, not much into reading... But used to love Barathiyar's writings. Anyways, welcome (back ?) - not sure if you are the same anon or the new anon !

Anonymous said...

good one.. But pain... If writing relieves or lessens your pain write more and more.. purge the pain..

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

anon2 (Is it accs?): Pain, what makes you think there is pain ? If its so, what makes you think, I'd like to purge it ! :) ;)

aravindh KRISHNAMOORTHY said...

Hmm. Quite an incoherent dump of your thoughts aye ? It's not just about typing out our thoughts is it, it's much more: it's about giving our best, it's about following the melodies of nature, it's about coeherency, about symmetry.
There was a study conducted by a certain university about why "People like certain music, paintings but not others" and they concluded saying that pieces that people like (famous pieces for eg) always follow simple rhythm of nature - ironically - that's what makes them special: their oneness with nature! In your case, it's just a matter of finding your rhythm aye ? Or is there an esoteric rhythm ?

- Aravindh

Anonymous said...

Accs? Who/ What does it mean? Anyway I am not whom you think I am.. I thought quite a few of your writings are of pain.. So that advice.. anon2

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

4Arvind: Noise in the head does not exactly lend itself to coherence...!! Thats a neat one on rhythm (the nature with the self).
Btw, Welcome and keep coming back.

4Anon2: Oh, ok...

Anonymous said...

Gnu, i never read poetry - i saw this one the last time and i gave it the miss... today, however, i read it. its quite nice! At least i can relate to this one! :) -aw

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

4Kosh: Thanks. See its not too old to do new things ! :)