Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fractured !

I had some interesting discussions in the past 2-3 weeks. I’ll classify those as:

Lack of Dignity of Labour:
In reacting to a comment on the blog about Apathy, I had talked about the “dignity of labour” or general lack of, in a booming city like Bangalore. Everywhere you go, we get to see a predominance of this mentality, where we believe what we are doing is somehow much bigger or important than what others do. This is manifest so starkly in the swank offices and how the generation of IT folks treat non-IT people, even in their own company. I’ve seen many a times, that people swish past the security at the reception, looking elsewhere but showing their badge with so much “nonchalance” at the security. Its very hard to understand this – I don’t believe it takes much for us to look at the security, smile at hir and then show the badge. The minimum respect that we could give the security for the job s/he is doing is to look into hir eyes before flashing the badge. The same happens to other “helpers” – the coffee boys, the helpers etc. It may make no difference to us if we know their name; but simple thanks with their names would go a big way for them to feel proud about their work. They are part of the eco-system that we have created.

Fashionably dissing the Doing Urge:
Few days ago, we had an interesting discussion at Lunch. Apparently someone was run-over in the Hosur road. This had enraged the people of that area and they had blocked the traffic for 2hrs and delayed the office goers for 2-3 hours. The "blockers" were dissed by one and all and to me it was a bit disturbing. My point to them was this: “Who is better - those guys who were incensed and wanted to do something about it and did (although that was inappropriate) or us folks, who just sit in our car for the traffic to clear"? From a societal level, I'd pick the former; Atleast they try to be the agents of change in a convoluted way... Convoluted, since its most likely their means is more a manifestation of anger rather than a thought out need to change. Of course, like someone said, there is option not to pick both, but the ones who actually took the people to the hospital. Yes. thats the best option. But at an unemotional level, for the injured, it makes a difference, but to that locality none; since accidents will continue to happen at that spot.

So there are three kind of people

1) One who seeks to change the system (the protestors)

2) One who seeks to help the victims of the system (the medical helpers)

3) The ones who do nothing (in the car waiting for protestors to go away)

#1 above may not have thought out well to initiate the change - but its disturbing to me that people who do nothing tend insult and to pick holes at people who are trying to do something.

I wonder if a combination of both above - i.e., disrespecting people for what they do, specifically by the prosperous few and those prosperous few doing nothing for removing the ills that ails us in this city, resulted in the chaotic scenes when Rajkumar passed away. The divide seems to be getting bigger and deeper. A little less of back to basics in politeness and respect and most importantly some introspection, would help this city, I would guess.


~SuCh~ said...

"hir".. again :) u better patent this soon..

cant assume the protestors are the people wanting change.. For all that you know,the could be idling mischief mongers with a reason to raise the clubs...

The divide seems to be getting bigger and deeper.

True, something that I felt in the city the moment I set foot...

Chennai is better off in the sense, that inspite of the new found affluence, the poor and down trodden hav found oppurtunities as well.. And they do hav a strong voice that is growin more dignified becos of all the soft wealth..
Bangalore, with its predominantly immigrant populace below poverty line, is more prone to the thorns of this divide.

Tyler Durden said...

there is another option
4. catch that driver who caused the accident and drag him to the police station. provide him with a few su-ki's depending on his arrogance/callousness levels. peace.

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

4Sol: True (ie the mongers), but thats our excuse, right ? :)
Actually, i agree - I also think Chennai is more empowered city too.

4AT: Su-Kis or Gi-ri ? Anyways, for the record, tch, tch... Karate is supposed to make you more calmer!!!