Sunday, December 30, 2007

Act of Kindness

Interesting experience.

We stopped by a petrol bunk in the intersection of Ringroad (in Bangalore between Old Madras Road and Hebbal Road) and the road leading to the Sultanpalya. The gas station is in the southern corner of that intersection. As we stopped for filling up, I saw a A5 size photograph of "Manjunath" stuck on the glass enclosure with the bold "Employee of the Month". As usual the photo didn't match the actual individual and I asked the attendant who was filling up my car, pointing to another guy who resembled Manjunath, if that was indeed the guy in the photo. The current attendent nodded in affirmative; and immediately started to take extra care in filling up and was more courteous ! But thats the not the main point of this post...

Just before we left the pump, I sought Manjunath out and congratulated him. He was extremely happy and profusely "tanks-saar'ed" me. Then we had moved to fill air and 5m after we left and I could still see Manjunath in smiles.

As we left I told my co-occupant that Manjunath is still smiling and he'd probably feel good for the day. Then I realized, the very fact I found that its something that I can point out to someone else and the fact that I'm thinking about a day later, that "congratulations" has made me feel good too...

So, looks like any act of kindness that we do to others, helps us to get in touch with our own decent self, I guess. Is it an act of kindness on ourselves ?
ps: The intent of giving such a graphical (!) explanation of the location of the petrol bunk is, if at all, you pass thataway, you could stop by and do yourself an act of kindness ! :)


mak said...

nice one ... simple yet powerful.

VA said...

Nice one. I remember reading an article that was titled On saying thanks. I got reminded of that. Sometimes simple act can go a long way.

~SuCh~ said...

Nice thought. :)

Hope this comment makes both of us happy :)

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

4Mak: Tanks.

4VA: True. I recall reading that in my school days - wasn't it called "on saying please ?"... Anyways, the message is the same. Many times I would see what a difference it makes, when we show our badge to the security meeting his eye, rather than how its done mostly these days!!

4Such: Tanks to you too. Now, isn't this a mutually self-sustaining cycle ? :)