Thursday, January 31, 2008

A bit of grace...

All we are looking for is a bit of grace.

The story is the same: BCCI flexed its newly toned and pumped up on-steroids-financial muscle, CA made the usual noises about how it is in their DNA to play hard right from the days of the backyard and play fair (not the color, stupid) and the men and women across hemispheres took side depending on the color (the color of the flag - yet again, don't want another "thats vilification mate"),

In all these, what are the bets that we would ever see:
  • the Aussie cricketers give up almost-laughable, but feigned and aggrieved posturing, and do accept that they did screw-up quite a bit in the Sydney test; and for all the victimized look Mr.Symonds carry, he is as culpable as the accused is, if not more
  • the Indians in spite of all the bravado of Sreesanth or Harbhajan accept that they are still not as good as the Aussies; and those few Indians who are as good as Aussies, don't carry that silly bravado
  • the Cricket Australia stop believing in its own stories, but start hearing voices of reality
  • the BCCI have the gonads to ban Harbhajan for a match in spite of ICC's let-off due to rip-roaring-comedic "human" errors. BCCI does have access to those earlier offenses ! If you take refuge in the culture, why not show some ?
  • Finally the BCCI to have some grace and back-off; they are coming across as the gold-decked, wealth-flaunting, uneducated goonda of the 'pettai'.
On the contrary, a bet on Shoaib Aktar become a team-man may be more sensible.


Anonymous said...

nice summary of tons of things written about this says it all ..ramesh

Vinay said...

This is WRT BCCI & their gonads which BTW I think they lack ! The only officially acceptable & serious earlier misdemeanour of Harbhajan was 'over-appealing' in South Africa in 2001 !Yes, it was that Mike Denness Test. Now if Harbhajan copped a bigger penalty on the basis of THAT decision it would have been very unfair. So, I personally am happy tho' I don't see why Symonds got away scot-free. It was decided that both sides abused and there was NO racial abuse so why only one side was penalised. Especially since it was also concluded that Symonds provoked Harbhajan! Beats me...


EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

4RA: Yep, I hope they have saner sense and let that prevail. Post-series, it comes across very clearly, how each teams "hate" each other (atleast a few key members)
4Vinay: Thanks for coming in, first and do come back.
I do see your point - but thats the thing about Bhajji. I really dont think he is a saint, considering what he has (rumoured to have) said about Kumble at beginning of his (Bhajji's) career...