Friday, May 09, 2008

Truly Funny Poem...

Got this from someone. This was truly truly funny. Thus far, this blog was about what I write and publish what I (call) create ! :) But then, this was really, really, genuinely funny that I cannot pass up; I'll file this under "Opinion"
Not sure of the origin of this- it says 'Colonial poetry of the Raj', but whether genuinely written by Rangaswamy or spoofed by someone else, it definitely is super.

Deep in jungle I am went
On shooting Tiger I am bent
Bugger Tiger has eaten wife
No doubt I avenge poor darling's life

Too much quiet, snakes and leeches
But am not feared these sons of beeches
Hearing loud noise I am jump with start
But noise is coming from damn fool heart

Taking care not to be fright
I am clutching rifle with eye to sight
Should Tiger come I will fall him down
Then like hero return to native town

Then through trees I am espying one cave
I am telling self - 'Rangaswamy be brave'
I now proceed with too much care
From nonsense smell this Tiger's lair

My leg is shake, I start to pray
I think I shoot Tiger some other day
Turning round I am going to go
But Tiger giving bloody roar

He bounding from cave like shooting star
I commend my soul to Kali Ma
Through the jungle I am went
Like bullet w ith Tiger hot on scent

Mighty Tiger rave and rant
Rangaswamy shit in pant!
Must to therefore leave the jungle
Killing Tiger one big bungle!!

I am telling that never in life
I will risk again for damn fool wife


Anonymous said...

poem is truly funny with the usual dig at the wife...ur response???

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

4Anon: My response was:

Early morning i wake
Seated with coffee I take
Loud (laughing) sounds i make !
if Ranga saw me, (and others)
LOL'ing at his poetry
he'd let tiger eat his wife
and be poet for life !

Anonymous said...

this tidbit of yours, Gnu - was a lovely one! :) I liked it - its in the same spirit of Rangaswamy's! ;) :)