Sunday, June 21, 2009

Random Thoughts...

...I somehow am getting to a conclusion or a philosophy: To lead a contented and satisfied life, not just materially happy, but emotionally too, I've to have a cause that 'is just beyond me and greater than my own well-being alone'. Basically, work for something that is greater than ourselves...

...Something tells me that I'm thinking that Nadal/Federer may not meet again in a Grand Slam final. Looks like this year Nadal is out - with the knee issue, am not sure how much pounding he can take on hard courts. Given Murray's improvement, I believe, next year, Nadal and Federer will alternate, Federer may reach 1, Nadal 2 and neither 1. The year after, in 2011, Federer no finals, Nadal a few. So, go ahead and reach for the tapes of the 2008 Wimbledon and 2009 Australian open.

...I am reading the Art of War by Sun Tzu - interesting. As previously noted by many experts, a lot of concepts that could be used in today's business - probably would blog once I'm done with it

...Some fat asses in BCCI is piling on Kirsten for his comments on Indian team and fatigue. These asses have criticized Kirsten about talking about fatigue after the T20 world tournament and not before ! Wtf are they thinking ? Do they think Kirsten (or anyone else in his place, and one who has no control on scheduling) would say that the whole Indian team is fatigued before the tournament and thus demoralize the troops even before they go into battle !

...Pakistan has won the T20- Jai Ho to them - However, wonder how much of a balm could this be to that nation

...Talking about "Jai Ho", I see the whole country going ga-ga over Rahman's Oscar for that. Couple of questions for all (1) Do we really believe that Jai Ho would have won the best song, if the Slumdog Millionaire (as a movie) itself had not garnered so much attention (2) and more importantly, how many of us really think that Jai Ho is the best Rahman's composition ? Really !

...Just found out a few days ago, that கூகிள் ஈமேஇளை உபயோகித்து தமிழில் கடிதம் எழுத முடியும் என்று. என் அம்மாவுடன் communication சுலபமாகி விட்டது.

....Interesting thought: There are always events that gives one a lot of hopes - then something comes along that dashes those hopes. Its a a sinusoidal wave - for every crest, there is a trough that pulls it down. Then it stuck me, what if I think differently: Its probably after every trough there is a crest that pulls me up !


Rahul Sinha said...

@Art of War: Looking forward to your blog on this. I read this once and like many others, I couldn't transcend heaping-praise-phase. Would like to hear someone's opinion on it.
@BCCI: Rich red tape institution - needs a thorough overhaul.
@T20: I wanted them to win coz that country needs some inspiration for the young. For that thanks to BCCI ;)
@Jai Ho: I got tired of listening to it probably after two weeks. It is at most a very ordinary composition from Rahman's standards.
@Thought: Well that's a thought that I had been holding onto for quite sometime. For me it stemmed from reading the story behind - "This too shall pass".

Anonymous said...

Gnu: all answers are within you... including happiness. :)
Working for a greater cause is just the "grass is greener elsewhere" aspect, so we think!
I tried reading an interpretation of the "Art of War" - i couldnt relate to it. I thought it will be something about "the internal war" (that would interest me)... but it was not so. Maybe it was the interpretation that was like that....

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

4Rahul: will do the Art of War sometime
4Kosh: Not sure about your opinion the "greater cause"... Not necessarily, I would agree.
Re Art of war, I believe its more on real Art of war, that is applicable to business strategies...