Sunday, July 19, 2009

Run !

This is not about the movie, Run by Madhavan or Mr.Rai.

I had, for long wanted to run... I, infact, wrote about it on this blog a few years ago as Elevators and had an "Elevator Count" at the top of the blog. Then, as Confucius said, sh*t happened - one after another - knee, ankle, tummy, calf etc... (tummy problem, being just that - the usual middle-age problem :) ).

But, sometime in my life, I'd still like to run a mini-marathon... I know the window is ever-s0-surely closing. I have started running on treadmill - but one of my friends who has discovered running had told me that running on roads is altogether a different challenge... So tried it out today after a long long time (maybe 5-6 years). It was good, although a bit hot, but it was good. I did about 4.3K in about 40 minutes. The goal is to get to 10K and I'll be done ! The plan is to run on the treadmill during the week-days (twice) and run on the roads on Sunday...

Lets see how it goes...

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